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About Us

About Us

McCoy Memorial Baptist ChurchThe McCoy Memorial Baptist Church has served the Los Angeles community since its birth in 1935.  The McCoy Church Family has had only three Shepherds:  Rev. J. A. H. Eldridge; Dr. E.A. Anderson, and our current Pastor, Dr. R.A. Williams, Jr.   Since its inception, the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church has strived to serve the Los Angeles community, spreading the good news through song, preaching, and teaching.  Our current shepherd, Dr. Robert Williams, Jr. is a world renowned preacher and teacher, and has spoken at numerous venues, from the National Baptist Convention to the Keswick Conference in England.  He also co-founded and is the current President of WHW Ministries, which hosts its annual “The Methods of Expository Preaching and Teaching” Conference each October.  The Conference has thrived over the past twenty years, growing from a core group of 30 ministers to over 1200 participants and students.

The Church is located at 802 East 46th Street, Los Angeles, California, 90011.  For more information please contact the church at (323) 231-4271.

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