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Youth 4 Truth (ages 7-14)

Youth 4 Truth (ages 7-14)

NAME CHANGE: to YOUTH 4 TRUTH from Children’s Church

As per request of the youth in the church.


Available upon request to save space on storage for the site.


  1. No Children’s Church 1st Sundays
  2. Children present to the general assembly 4th Sundays every month!
    • Please make sure your child is in attendance the Sunday prior for 15 minutes after Children’s Church, and at 8AM on the 4th Sunday of the month for preparation.  Mrs. Carmel Miller is taking the time to teach the songs, but we need the young voices present to make it work!
  3. Next Children’s Church presentation will be Christmas Eve, Sunday, December 24th, 2017 at 8AM with regular sevice @ 9AM.


“Mr. Irving” – the kids


Brother Irving F. Suero Jr. accepted his calling to preach in 2013, obtaining his license to preach from Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Arlington, TX headed by Senior Pastor N. L. Robinson.  While staying in TX and being guided by the elders at Mt. Olive, Irving graduated from the Mt. Olive Bible Institute, taught the young men’s Sunday School, coached the church’s little league baseball team, and found a passion for preaching the plain, unadulterated truth.

Now, Mr. Irving heads the Children’s Church at McCoy, having been passed the baton, and blessing, from the long-tenured and beloved Rev. Greg Lowe.  Irving is also part of the Men’s Fellowship and New Members/Evangelical team.

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