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Personal Assistant – Leah Walker Pump

Personal Assistant – Leah Walker Pump

Leah Walker-Pump has been the personal assistant to Dr. R.A. Williams for 7 years.  Leah is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  She received her Master of Arts degree in Education from Pepperdine University.  Leah has taught elementary school for 10 years and was a principal for 2 years.  She is the president and CEO of the LadyLike Foundation, which began at the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church.  In addition to all that she does, she assists Dr. Williams every week in transcribing his sermons.  Together they create booklets for each sermon Dr. Williams preaches.  In addition to helping with the sermon process, Leah also organizes Dr. Williams preaching engagements, calendar, schedules, and personal appointments.

For all preaching engagements and inquiries for Dr. Williams, Leah is the one to call.

You can reach her by phone or email: (323) 855-2275 or leahch4@aol.com

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